The New DVD: Now What?

The hardest part of coaching…and really life in general…is “Now What?” Maybe a lot of you are like me when I got my college degree.

My Dad believed that that diploma was the yellow brick road to success. He was right, you know, my degrees have got me through a lot of doors and enhanced my life. But, the day I held it, with my laundry bag and suitcase that represented my entire life’s possessions, I stared off and wondered…Now What?

It took me a long time to get my arms around this concept. We make a goal, finish a challenge, or finish that last day of a 90 Day Program and wonder what to do next. My new DVD, Now What?, attempts to walk the coach, athlete and everybody else through the process of discerning what to do next.


I am in the process of expanding this into a book. The following is a very popular part of the workshop,…

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