I said it was simple. Not easy.

My goal when I began my first webpage back in 1999 (does anyone else remember “hotbot?”) was to have a place where I could keep some of my ramblings concerning training. At the time, I was slowly retiring from coaching and serious competition as my old formula of “lift and throw” was simply wearing me down. Soon, with the rejuvenation of my interest in training literally because of these discussions on the internet, I found myself trying things like Farmer Walks, Kettlebells, and even exotic exercises (for me) like the “Pull Up.”

Of course, I discovered that my marks, especially in the Highland Games, improved dramatically. With less discus throwing, I threw the discus better. My joints felt better. At the same time because of all the positive interaction, I began expanding and refining those things that I believe can help anyone improve on the road to health and fitness. Although it sounds ancient to me now, the original “refinement” was:

1. Pick Stuff Off the Ground 2. Put Stuff Overhead 3. Carry Stuff for Time and Distance

Honestly, this list still looks good today. With this new format for my place on the web, I am hoping to carry forward the legacy of “Get Up,” the newsletter that I began immediately after shattering my wrist. I have since healed, of course, but the profound insight that I “owed” the strength and conditioning community for shaping my life continues today.

I will still encourage strength authors to add their contributions here and I will also continue to mine that goldmine of information that I received from my mentors. I have boxes and boxes of journals, notes, scraps of papers, torn out articles, magazines and books that hold not only the organized plans of the great names in this field, but also the small snippets of insight that often are better than a 432 page book. Although John Powell said this about the discus, it certainly applies to strength and conditioning: “I said it was simple, not easy.”

The quickest way to our goals is simple. Not easy.

You are welcome here.