Everything’s Over My Head DVD

Dan John’s previous dvds, all in one!

This dvd includes Dan’s training material
Everything’s Over My Head
Plus his From the Ground Up and Carried Away dvds!

The Over My Head collection rounds out what Dan considers his three-part mission to get athletes to drag stuff, pick stuff off the ground and carry stuff overhead.

Simple, right? And with Dan’s collection of insightful and unusual tips, it really can be simple.

For this compilation price of $39.95, let Coach John teach you his one-of-a-kind techniques to blast your training to new levels. You’ll get his new material, plus his two earlier dvds, all on new training dvd!

We all know Dan as the ‘net’s go-to guy for straight-forward hardcore training techniques. Now let him teach and inspire you personally with his video training dvd.

The Everything’s Over My Head section

One of Dan’s primary concerns for his athletes is shoulder health, and in this dvd, Dan offers all his tips for strengthening the rotator cuff and supportive shoulder girdle muscles for ultimate shoulder protection. He’ll also show you his techniques for wrist health and flexibility, and in addition to brute strength, he’s got a
plan on how to make your training just plain fun!

You’ll learn:
Shoulder Raises and odd lockouts
1/2 Get-Ups
Military Press
Press Behind Neck, Bar and Kettlebell
Frog Stance & Push Work
Jerks, 2 styles
Combination Sets, 2 options
Wrist Stretches
Mixed Implement Training
Lift, Throws and Drags
Strongman Moves: Press Walks and Carry Walks

This is an outstanding new addition to Coach John’s video training!

The From the Ground Up section

Years of begging by enthusiastic online readers, athletes, conference and clinic attendees at long last brings us From the Ground Up, Dan John’s35-minute DVD that demonstrates his unique Olympic lifting teaching style.

Learn the simple tips Dan uses to teach Olympic moves to athletes young and old!

You’ll learn:
The top rules of weight lifting
Various squat drills
How to learn the squat
Goblet squats
Front and overhead squats
Warm up variations: dumbbells, pvc pipe and kettlebells
Chain work
Power Snatch
Romanian deadlifts and variations
Coach Dan John’s personal teaching tips

The rumor is, Dan can have you cleaning and snatching in 10 minutes — several years faster than most coaches can claim. Worth testing his technique, isn’t it?

One customer wrote about this DVD:
The cost was well worth it for the simple, solid, understandable instruction. Possibly not for the experienced folks, but for the novice who wants to incorporate Olympic lifts into his or her workouts and wants a template to do them easily and effectively, spring for it! This DVD is for you. Multiple viewing is recommended.

Let Dan get you start on your path to aggressive, successful lifting.

The Carried Away Section

Outdoor training, hauling, pushing and pulling —
Dan John is the guy who’ll inspire you to get
Carried Away!

This is a no-frills, no-nonsense demonstration and explanation of the most effective hardcore exercise one guy can dream up.

You’ll learn:
Sled dragging and sprinting
Kettlebell carries
Farmer carry
Suitcase carry
Waiter carry
Rock carry
Front squat
Back squat
Squat walk
Deadlift walk
Overhead press walk
Duffel bag work
Letvi Sleds

See examples of Dan’s favorite combinations and how to make the most of your implements.

Bonus material includes
3D Discus Throw Stretches

The 35-minute Carried Away section will get you started on your path to aggressive, hardcore training.

Says Dan, “One day you’ll thank me. Today is not that day. And you know, tomorrow doesn’t look that good either.”

*Note: This dvd adds to and replaces Dan’s two earlier dvd releases.*

This one’s jam-packed with gems, each one enough to rev your training into overdrive. Don’t let Dan’s casual style fool you: What you’re getting from Dan is… brilliant.

Writes Byron Chandler, reviewing Dan’s dvd, “Dan’s currently using a modern, competitive style of pulling and lifting, so you may wind up picking and choosing what parts are for you. The thing is, these differences are the fine points — learning how to pull weights off the ground and extend, getting the arms out of the pull, etc., are what you really need instruction to learn, and this DVD is the best thing available to people without a good instructor. There are not that many people who will even attempt to teach the quick lifts, and fewer than half of them are actually qualified. Dan’s the real deal.

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