Never Let Go

Book by Dan John; This review page by Laree Draper

Dan John Never Let Go

Introduction by Pavel Tsatsouline; Foreword by Dave Draper

You know how it is when you’re reading an article, you come to the end and even though the author’s points were made — the story’s complete — you just don’t want it to end? That’s how I am when I read one of Dan John’s articles. Just like when I’m reading Dave’s writing, with Dan I just want to sit on the deck and ponder his stuff forever. And that’s why I was so thrilled to be a part of bringing his new book to life.

… which is where we are today, sitting in anticipation of a call from the trucking company to schedule delivery. The books shipped from the printer, and should arrive late next week.

Already the word has slipped out and the eager are lining up to be first to get a copy. And we’d love to add you to the list of enthusiastic readers, too. This is a book I consider a big contribution to our field, Dan John’s Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning. I am sincerely so thrilled. Thanks for letting me be a part of this, Dan.

In Dan John’s new book, Never Let Go, you’ll learn…

How to get stronger, faster and leaner
Simple steps to great conditioning
What it takes to compete at high-level athletics
Dan John’s top training tips
Effective workouts to carry you through your training seasons
Variations of the classic 5×5 workout
Sample kettlebell and barbell workout combinations
Outdoor cardiovascular training options for athletes
And much more…

Dan John’s deceptively simple training plans cover a great many fitness attributes, safely and quickly, and are always a hit with athletes. When it comes to teaching strength, Dan John has no superiors and only a handful of equals. ~ Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell

You’ll be…

  • Motivated beyond belief! It’s that simple. Dan’s teaching and his coaching is unique and tremendously educational, but what will touch you the most is how fired up you’ll be at the end of each chapter. Read a section before you head for the gym—your training will be transformed; on those days when you’re dragging, his words will make the difference between a victory at the gym and a trip to the couch!

After listening to Dan John lecture or reading his work, I envy his athletes not only for the good fortune of receiving his coaching expertise, but also for the lessons that will carry them along through life. Dan is a common man, but an uncommon motivator. ~ Dave Tate, CEO

In Never Let Go, Coach Dan John breaks down the most complicated concepts of strength training and high-performance athletics in a no-nonsense, yet clever and motivating manner. Workout routines, Olympic lifting guidance, Highland Games, track and field and Strongman events are all covered, in addition to weight training philosophy for the general public.

Coach Dan John is one of the premier instructors in the world of movement, strength and athleticism. His lectures on athletic training have revolutionized the thinking of thousands, and his new text, Never Let Go, will set the standard in safer, smarter, more productive training methods. ~ Dr. Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., RKC Team Leader, Contributing Editor – Black Belt Magazine

Never Let Go, published June 2009, contains 416 pages, includes individual 42 articles revised from T-Nation material, and is carefully indexed to make finding workouts and training ideas an easy task.

If mastery takes 10,000 hours, Dan John has mastered the art of teaching and coaching many times over. He renders the complicated simple, and the simple clear. The hours I have spent learning from him changed my life. ~ Mark Twight, Gym Jones

Inside the book

Foreword ~ Introduction ~ Preface ~ Free Will and Free Weights ~ The Rule of Five ~ The Velocity Diet Experience ~ The Rest of the Story ~ The One Lift a Day Program ~ The Tabata Method ~ Fat Loss in Four Minutes ~ A History of Dieting ~ The Classic Top 10 Tips ~ Systematic Education for Lifters ~ 5 X 5 Variations ~ Three Mentors, Lifetime Lessons ~ Geezer Wisdom ~ The AIT Formula ~ Self-Evident Truths ~ What You Know Versus What You Do ~ PVC and Presuppositions ~ The Litvinov Workout ~ The Gable Method ~ Strong Eye for the Weak Guy ~ The Best Exercises ~ My Secret Coaching Methods ~ Nautilus, Crossfit and High/High ~ Blood on the Barbell ~ A Religious Studies Professor’s Review of HIT ~ New Associations, New Muscle ~ Coach Pain’s Slosh Pipe ~ Lessons from Southwood ~ Recovery Methods 101 ~ That Guy ~ Are You Making Progress? ~ Disdain Medium ~ The Big Five ~ Secrets to Long-Term Fitness ~ One Hard Thing ~ Principle Lessons ~ Three Basic Concepts ~ Goals and Toilet Seats, A Men’s Room Epiphany ~ Goal-setting for Motivation ~ The One-dumbbell Workout ~ The Journey to Excellence ~ The Philosophy of Physical Capital ~ Improve Your Fitness Literacy ~ Afterword ~ Suggested Reading ~ Index

Extraordinary power, marvelous skill and masterful technique have been earned through years of training and practice and scrutiny, failure and success. A generous servant, a giver of gifts, his words come alive with experience and fact for the reader, the hungry student, the one bound to learn. Dan doesn’t paint by number and help you pick out the colors. He draws a picture and invites you, encourages you, inspires you, to become a part of it.~ Dave Draper, author of Brother Iron, Sister Steel

Did you catch the power behind those endorsements?

Dan’s work in coaching and training others garners the respect of titans in our industry. You can trust them. Let us get this transformative book on the way to you; click here to place your book order.

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