Occasionally, I take my own advice

1 Left KS GetUp
1 Right KS Get Up
Goblet Squats

3 Loops of the VO2 Max Boost

Short, sweet perfect. Like Pavel notes, I came away more energized than when I started!!!

On Monday, I worked out, just Military Press (165 x 7…good for me) and 15 minutes VO2 Max. Then, gave blood.

Nurse: “Are you allergic to shellfish?”

“Yeah, actually”

Okay, check box.

I come home, covered in hives. I put on a few pounds, too. I’m wondering if we should have followed up on that whole “allergic to shellfish” thing.

Hey, if you are male:
1. Floss twice a day
2. Give blood
3. Take Fish Oil

The statin companies will have me in their gunsights for saying this, but this is great stuff for the heart. Don’t trust me research it.

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