Vasily Zhuravlev’s Training Program

In Baton Rouge, Vasily told me that I need to work on my “finish” of my second pull. The next weekend, I failed to listen to him and fractured my wrist. Vasily finishes lifts better than anyone I know and I asked him how he trains.

Day One
Power Snatch plus Squat Snatch (Turn around to other bar on blocks) Plus Box Squat Snatch
2 + 2 + 2
Overhead Squats
Early on in the cycle never go over 70%…don’t go over 70 very often, actually.

Day Two
Power Clean and Front Squat (Two Cleans and Three Front Squats)
Squat Clean from Blocks (turn around to other bar on platform) plus Platform Clean and Jerks
3 SC from Blocks Plus One Clean and Jerk
Clean Pulls from Blocks

Day Three
Snatch from Blocks and Overhead Squats
Five Sets of Three Plus Three
Hang Snatch Plus Squat Snatch
Three Plus Three
Snatch Pull from Blocks…Three Sets of Four

Day Four
Hang Clean Plus Power Clean Plus Front Squat Plus Push Jerk
Three Plus Three Plus Three Plus Three
Clean (Squat Clean)From Blocks (Turn around to other bar on floor)Plus Clean and Jerk from Platform
Three Plus Single

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