Welcome to the New Site

I know, I know the old one was a dinosaur. It was cutting edge when I opened it with its use of the revolutionary “pdf”  But it’s time to move into a new generation. The timing is perfect. I have a few days off and I’m I am just excited about the new things I want to talk about…and I hope others will chime in, too.

The four days I annually take off for Thanksgiving have always been wonderful. Last night, we welcomed 30 people into our home and had a surprise visit for Nic and Annie Gibson. Nic has been a dear friend for years, an old thrower of mine, and he came to town, sadly, because of the death of his mother. He arrived just before our Thanksgiving prayer and I was humbled again by the grace and beauty of friendship.

Today, of course, we set up for Christmas (Advent, actually) and there is football to watch. This week, I gave blood, ate Turkey and trained well. Few people realize the importance of balance in all these things. I have really been lucky to begin to interact with Steve Ilg and not many have done the hard work of demanding balance in his students (Noble Warriors!) as he has done with his fantastic website, here and his book, Total Body Transformation. Mark Twight and Steve have shared a long fruitful relationship together and that is high praise for both of them.

Today, I’m just going to do a bunch of pull ups and my VO2 Max work, the Viking Warrior Protocol. I’m going to simply “boost” again today to reheat the fifty pounds of food in my stomach.

Never Let Go.

Dan John

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