Giving Back

For the record, this is not “off topic.” I believe in this principle as much as I believe in training, resting and eating right. Through an odd set of events, I sat there in the weightroom today and laughed about how all these good things happen to me. Honestly, and maybe something awful is on the horizon, but my life is going pretty good.

And, it seems, the more I give, the more I get back. I talked with an old friend from the SMILF a few days ago and he reminded me about how I took the profits from much of my early work and gave it to a struggling school. I had forgotten all about it. Gary and Shaf will remember is that all I asked in return for that little weekend years ago was a donation to another school.

The other day, a large amount of money came to the school and the development director dropped by and told me this: “Um, the odd thing is that it was sent to ‘Coach Dan John’ to do with it any way he sees fit.” Tiff and I donate a fair amount to the school every year (kettlebells aren’t free!) and we basically subsidize a whole bunch of kids in our track program who can’t afford shoes and gear, plus scholarshipping kids to discus camp. (No, they aren’t there for free!) But, the more I give, the more seems to pop up in our mailbox.

My brother, Gary, sometimes tells me that my marketing strategy of giving everything away for free is brilliant. I always joke that I make it up in volume, but I still have this idea that I “owe” a lot of people. So many of you who read this blog have stepped up and been there for me so many times. Certainly, my brother, Richard, taking my to Track and Field News was big, but let’s never forget the hours and hours that Gary¬† spent teaching me the basics of the discus and weights. Lonnie Wade saw me get back from the Middle East near dead and Shaf and Rosey are responsible for me really taking off as an “internet guru.” And, if I didn’t mention Laree, I should be beaten. Thank you.

In just these few weeks on this blog, I have a greater appreciation for all the great and wonderful gifts I have in my life. So, well, there you go. Time to give back. Tiff and I are setting up an endowment at my school. I’m not sure many teachers have ever set up endowments, we tend to be a poor lot. If you want to contribute, I will put a little information here later.

Last night, I finally found out who the donor was that set the large amount. I’m not telling you who or why, because I don’t understand the “why” either. And, to be honest, it is from a “place” that I would never expect support. Which is exactly the way this world works.

I just finished reading “A Christmas Carol” last night and as I closed my Kindle (not the same sound as a pounding of a finished book, but this is 2009), I decided to mention all of this stuff.

If you are here for just training, today, I did 15 minutes of VO2 Max snatches and a bunch of pullups and worked on my hip flexibility and my “vents.” I also highly recommend taking¬† L-Leucine, you can buy at for very cheap. Mix it into a small water bottle with some crystal lite twice a day and swallow it fast. If half of what I am reading about this is true, it is the next big wave. And, take your damn fish oil!

But, if you are here because I offer stuff many other strength writers may ignore, take a moment and at least be thankful for those mentors in your life who made you who you are today. And, if you can, give back.

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