Morning Rituals

One of the great changes i have made in the past few years, under the advice of Steve Ilg, is to organize my mornings better. I get up at six to work on my college classes. I make coffee the night before and sip away. That’s all good for me. But, as I have become more in tune with some other issues, I discovered that my night prep trumps a lot of simple staggering around at six in the morning.

Before I go to bed, I make sure the coffee is ready and drink a full glass of orange flavored sugar free metamucil. I also take three ZMA and three Z-12. I get accused of “pimping” supplements, but for those of you who know me, this is exactly what I take before bed. I’m not selling any of this, so it’s just a “here you go.” I also take Alpha Male at night, when I remember. I have found that five fish oil caps are perfect right before bed, too. I try to get to sleep at about the same time every night.

So, in the morning, the alarm goes off and I get up and work. It’s quiet and nobody asks me about rest periods between sets of squats. I recommend that you try to find some kind of routine. I do some odd things: I use this sinus rinse (like a neti pot0, I brush my teeth with my left hand, I floss, and I put on Oil of Olay every morning. I try to do these things every day. I tried today to brush my teeth in the deep yogi squat. I hope to make this a habit, too.

The idea is to take care of my health the half hour before bed (fiber, flossing, supps) and the window of time around my shower in the morning. I think that habit is the secret to health. I buckle up every time I drive SIMPLY because the system alerts me to do it every time. Health is the same thing. It’s simply flossing twice a day…but how do I insure I do it? One idea is to have floss sticks in the car and floss while you drive. Another is to simply have a ritual. Either works, of course.

I think health is the component that most people miss when they ask about training. It really comes down to simply having a ritual, a healthy ritual, that insures you do the little things that may help insure health. If you can take care of this in a short morning and evening ritual, simply a habit, you can save some of that mental energy for training. It’s simple.

It’s all simple.

  • Alex

    I think the idea of repeating something everyday either right before bed or right when you wake up is key, simply because thats when we’re most aware. If it becomes habitual over time, maybe changing it up just a little is enough for clarity. Like you said about brushing your teeth with left hand. Man…you really are aware of what you’re doing that moment. For most of spring, summer and fall I’ll climb my rope outside before my morning coffee.

    Itchin’ for another Get Up! issue. Sent you some stuff for fall earlier. I’ve got some more to put together.

  • Laree Draper

    I see a comment above with no name attribute. I’m pretty sure you have to “sign up” and log in for the name to show, and am writing this comment to test that theory. Let’s see…

  • Dan John

    I am going in a different direction on the Get Ups…thinking of having some kind of Bloggish Get Up. Interested?

  • alexjperez

    Each person contributing an anecdote on that particular months training could drop a blog post. I like that idea. Maybe a community blog with community regular authors, all on one scroll. I can dig.

    PS-somethings up with viewing names. I can see my name and other comments names only when highlighting.

  • Laree Draper

    Okay, got the comments/name problem fixed. Sorry… I forgot to take a look.

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