Morning Rituals

One of the great changes i have made in the past few years, under the advice of Steve Ilg, is to organize my mornings better. I get up at six to work on my college classes. I make coffee the night before and sip away. That’s all good for me. But, as I have become more in tune with some other issues, I discovered that my night prep trumps a lot of simple staggering around at six in the morning.

Before I go to bed, I make sure the coffee is ready and drink a full glass of orange flavored sugar free metamucil. I also take three ZMA and three Z-12. I get accused of “pimping” supplements, but for those of you who know me, this is exactly what I take before bed. I’m not selling any of this, so it’s just a “here you go.” I also take Alpha Male at night, when I remember. I have found that five fish oil caps are perfect right before bed, too. I try to get to sleep at about the same time every night.

So, in the morning, the alarm goes off and I get up and work. It’s quiet and nobody asks me about rest periods between sets of squats. I recommend that you try to find some kind of routine. I do some odd things: I use this sinus rinse (like a neti pot0, I brush my teeth with my left hand, I floss, and I put on Oil of Olay every morning. I try to do these things every day. I tried today to brush my teeth in the deep yogi squat. I hope to make this a habit, too.

The idea is to take care of my health the half hour before bed (fiber, flossing, supps) and the window of time around my shower in the morning. I think that habit is the secret to health. I buckle up every time I drive SIMPLY because the system alerts me to do it every time. Health is the same thing. It’s simply flossing twice a day…but how do I insure I do it? One idea is to have floss sticks in the car and floss while you drive. Another is to simply have a ritual. Either works, of course.

I think health is the component that most people miss when they ask about training. It really comes down to simply having a ritual, a healthy ritual, that insures you do the little things that may help insure health. If you can take care of this in a short morning and evening ritual, simply a habit, you can save some of that mental energy for training. It’s simple.

It’s all simple.

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