Well, what do YOU think?

Laree Draper, certainly on the list for “nicest person of all-time,” and I have been talking about doing another book. I have these concepts that I want to spend some time with in a book format, some interesting training ideas that deserve another look and some basic training ideas that are so simple but so hard to explain online. Things like:

Mobility: yes, I know, better people have talked about it. But, I think I have something to offer in the area of foot stuff, wrist stuff, middle back stuff and other things.

Flexibility: I know, I don’t believe in it, but I do. But, only in certain areas. Moreover, I only teach it at certain times and places in a career.

Compression Strength: a lost concept. Good for joints and good for balancing strength and flexibility.

The Hip Displacement Continuum: why not?

The X issue of the body: Right arm and left leg…Left arm and right leg.

Phasic and Tonic training.

Basic simple easy programs and programming.

Real world diet stuff.

Of course, more.

Well, what else? Interested? Let me know. I have been providing a lot of advice and information for a long time on the web and I wouldn’t mind a little honest response here.

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