A Little Nervous about RKC II

It’s going to be physically demanding to just make the minimums for RKC II. I’m off to San Jose State next month and I am truly nervous. It’s one thing to do the 100 snatches in five minutes another to do the weighted pull up AND do the really heavy one armed press…as a minimum. Plus, all the work load…plus…plus…plus.

I’m nervous about it. I’m doing my “Secret Diet” to lean out as I just don’t think belly flab is going to help. Also, I’m trying to do tons of pull ups and snatches and I’m doing my best to undo the injury issues. At 52, the margin of error is not so much a margin but just a line on the margin.

I passed the snatch test tonight. For RKC I, I did this a number of times just to get the pacing. With 100, I simply think 20-20-15-15-10-10-5-5…although usually I just do ten at the end to finish it. I tried to hit five minutes exactly tonight and got 4:50.

I think there is great value in constantly trying to learn new things. The upside of things like the RKC and track meets and Highland Games is that you get a chance to put this “new stuff” to the test. There is nothing worse than armchair gurus telling all of us we have “no squat” or “lousy whatevers,” but we never see the performance. Thankfully, it is enough to make me drink.

So, off I go.

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