Big Smile…back to normal

I’m typing this on my brand new lap top. Many of you don’t know I fried mine in Ireland. It’s a good story and I’m sure you would like to hear it. Not yet. It’s funny, but it has some hurt feelings floating along with it. And, it’s always fun to drop a grand or so just to keep the economy swimming!

I had some visitors come by today. I have a new intern, Mike, and I hope he realizes that this is unusual. Also, Krista Scott-Dixon put up here excellent interview with me. She was excellent, I just blabbed on. So, with the visitors, I was reminded how important it is to have some kind of sequence to teach the squat. Here is mine: Goblet Squat, Hip Flexor Stretch, One hand Kbell Front Squat, Double Kbell Clean, Double Kbell Squat. Once we get to here, everything is so dialed in that walking over to the bar is a cinch. Just put the “typing” pads of your fingers on the bar, roll under and step back. Then, just do what you have been doing for the last few minutes.

I think that sequences have a value in teaching. It is also important to ignore them. Those “aha” moments, the core of RKC teaching, is often missed without the struggle. So, I guess education lives in a balance of “do this” and “wow, look what I did.” I think we err when we give you too much help. At the same time, you can need to know when to step in. That’s the art of coaching, the art of teaching, and it seems like it takes a bit of time to ratchet it into the right amount.

Now that things are “back to normal,” and I laugh out loud as I type that because normal to me is quite crazy, I hope to do a better job on the Q and A section, write that next article, and write that next book. Oh, and train for the RKC II, teach my college and high school courses, maintain my post as head track and field coach, be a dad and husband and…

It’s easy to do, if I keep it all in some kind of plan, some kind of sequence.

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