Mulling…similar to thinking

As I wash over the experiences of the past few years, I began to notice that I put a huge priority on posture, but never talk about it. I was zipping through Chek’s book today and I found his basic movements: pull, push, bend, gait, lunge and twist (I think…top of my head only). We all have the basic same list. I tossed out twist and torque and rotate and those things years ago as I never really found a group of moves that worked well, without hurting anyone.

In my philosophy, I state something like “movement over muscles” which I invented right after oxygen. But, I never truly realized how much I relied on posture as part of the deal until I read Esther Gokhale’s book on back pain. I think the RKC does a great job teaching the hinge, but her work really expanded my thinking. I am pretty sure I am going to teach even something as simple as Farmer Walks better in the future.

With the insight of my own reality that at 52 one needs to respect and work joint mobility and hypertrophy harder than anything else…or maybe simply keep the focus on those qualities in the front of the training planning…I have this sense that I might add a new drawing or figure to my workshops, one that includes Posture/Movement/Joint Mobility/Hypertrophy.

I thought I would maybe share this journey of how the insides of my brain works as so many people come up to me after workshops and ask me how I “cut to the chase” or “discover these things.” The process starts either with a problem (which is the easier way to be honest: an injury, a failure, or an ongoing issue) or by reading or seeing something that sparks a brain cell to nag me until I can make a drawing on a white board that satisfies my whatver has been driving at me.

Then, I talk to dozens of people and summarize and sanitize all of this so that when I give this to a lifter with six weeks experience, he can tell me “yes, I knew this!”

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