One of my first workshops was on…

This idea that there are like two models of training people: one, the industrial revolution and, two, the more intuitive (or “Irish,” as I am starting to think of it more and more). The IR model, or “Maxine” named after a lady I used to work with, is the idea that we will train like this:

Middle Back:
A1: Locked Down Bat Wings with a 0-1-10 Tempo with 12 Kilo Kettlebells
A2: Horizonal Rows at a 1-1-3 Tempo for 16 reps
Repeat six times, with 14 seconds rest between A1 and A2. 84 Seconds rest between supersets.

That’s fine for some. I can’t do it. My boredom and focus level simply can’t handle it. When my life is crazy, I certainly benefit for structured training, but I am only good for my Transformation Workout. For clarity: if your life is crazy, train more like a worker from a factory. Punch in, do the exact warmup, do the lifts, do the whatever. If you work somewhere where you have a break at 10:15 and Noon and 3:00 and you are on the tram at 5:17…you might need some craziness to your workouts.

For me, I find that even though I have journals back to 1971, I train best when my journals talk about my life and note that today “I did Front Squats, a couple of sets, some presses, nailed a good pullup, played catch.” A few months of that and I am feeling great. When I start to follow some printed model, I make great progress, then BOOM.

I’m not even sure what I am saying. Am I saying that you make progress by following a program exactly? Yes, that is true. Am I saying that you make progress just by showing up and getting some work and play in? Yes, no question. So, what is it?


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