Top Ten List

The ghost Tiff captured on film in IrelandI strongly suggest something that Tiff and I do every year: we make a Top Ten List. It’s that time again. It’s simple, you list the ten best things of the last year and anything that went another direction in another list. There are many years we scramble for something negative to remember. It is well worth the time as it gives you/me a chance to remember fondly the past year. And, if you keep them, you can start to see patterns. Let’s look at my list, so far:

1. Trip to Ireland. It will be tough to beat that one, except:

2. My book was printed. A lifetime goal!

3. Lindsay’s school record in the shot…then she broke it again and again and again.

4. Lindsay’s ACT score. It made college so much more affordable!

5. Kelly’s job as an aide for the second grade. She has learned more life lessons in a few months than one can imagine.

6. The new decks. I will never paint again.

7. Pavel’s book, “Return of the Kettlebell.” Yup, that good.

8. This little place on the web. So much easier and faster for me than the old site!!! (Thank you, Laree!!!)

9. My school’s 50th Anniversary in SSF. I saw my sister, saw Gary, saw my neighbors, saw my friends…wonderful trip.

10. Discovering the Warrior Conditioning Protocol.

11. Teaching Scripture again.

12. Our Thanksgiving celebration with 30 people and the Facebook Worst Sweater Contest. Where was the love for my apron, folks?

13. Relearning the hip lead in the discus.

This isn’t my family’s list…obviously!!!

Worst things? I’m working on it. My hip? Maybe the death of a friend, Mickey P?

That’s the value in all of this. Today, I did one of my favorite workouts:

2-3-5-10 Double Kettlebell Presses with 1-2-3 Pullups. I did this three times. It was quick and easy and fun. Since coming home, I have cleaned my diet up and done my Get Ups and Foam Rollers and all of the ball rolling for my feet. I am not far from the RKC II and I need to get good on pull ups, lighten up (it’s a pullup test, do the math), get my hands in shape, and get uninjured.

Also, I’m telling you all something that I am working on: as you know, I think Fish Oil, protein and fiber are the “answer,” but I might be adding a new one: L-Leucine. Very cheap from and, honestly, the research backs it up. Cheap, easy to take and it seems to be working in our little local experiment. Better than I thought, too….This is the ghost that we captured on film in Ireland.

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