31st State Weightlifting Championships

I went over to Union Middle School today and lifted, as requested by my lifting Coach Dave Turner, in the state championships. There was a scrapbook in his warm up room and there was fun couple of pictures of me at the FIRST state weightlifting championship. Mom had just died and I had been training for some diversion as I was working on my masters and working nights at a cheese factory. There was a problem with the plates at our first state meet and technically I should have been give credit for 285 and 385, but officially it was less and I don’t really think this is the point I am trying to drive home.

I popped my left hip snatching today and it just about destroyed my ability to walk…and take the weight from the floor to the knees and jerk. That adds up to problems. But, here is the point: I was the best lifter at the first state championship and on the 31st annual meet, I was on the platform. I did break the state geezer record in the snatch today and weighed 226/102 k, the same weight I finished the V Diet.

The point, and I have one: There are a billion experts in the field now. In fact, and I don’t want to be mean, we had a crossfit certified coach at the meet today. Oh, he couldn’t lift because he blew his pec off Bench Pressing, but he is a nice guy and I shouldn’t poke fun. Again, my point? I’m on the platform still. I’m in the ring. I compete. I put it out there.

If there is any reason to follow this Blog is to watch me, at 52, continue to fight the good fight.

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