Insights from the NFL

I had an NFL player spend a few days with me. For the record, I’m big. For the record, I’m small. It depends on who is standing next to you!!!

On our first night, in the kitchen, we just finished a pot roast (slow cooked, the onions were excellent and Lindsay ate all the carrots) and we began talking about this and that. This fine young man had been told a thousand times to get “deeper” in the squat. Fortunately, we always have a few kettlebells in the front room and so, off we go…Goblet Squats. It has happened so many times but to watch the joy and wonder of having someone do the squat perfectly by such a simple method still makes me happy. Of course, tumbling, kettlebell swings, movement work, hip this and hip that, Four Knots, and all of the other stuff is great, but the Goblet Squat, as well as the hip continuum and the swing, still amaze.

Greg Henger invented the Slosh Pipe and never gets credit. You might all remember that somebody else invented it right after my article in tmuscle came out. I invented the Goblet Squat after months, years!!!, of frustration. The GS is like my third child, but not blonde and blue eyed.

Oh, there is more, of course. But, I am always amazed when a professional athlete eats pot roast, does a 12 kilo Goblet Squat and discovers the way of the world.

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