Journal Entries

I’m trying something for Lent, actually, I do this every year, where I write down everything I eat each day. On top of this I am also rereading some Tony Robbins stuff as well as working on a book and trying to prepare for about five things physically. So, I am keeping my journal full of all my notes in each one of these different “things.”

I am convinced that there is a synergy in doing things like this in something like a journal. If I see “CANI,” which is “Constant and Never Ending Improvement” next to the fact that I ate chips as a snack, it resonates inside my head as a bit of conflict. If I make a few notes about the importance of really understanding what Qualities I need to focus on for my goals, it doesn’t hurt for me to look at some chapter notes that agree with this point.

Which raises some questions: first, do journals really help? I have kept mine since 1971, so probably I am on the “pro-journal” side. Others, like Art DeVany argue that diaries and journals (for training) just get us focused back into the whole Industrial revolution model of training which is certainly worthy of discussion. DeVany would point out that this linear method of training is almost always doomed (though certainly some people can follow programs for years…I can’t).

Second, what am I going to do with all these journals when my journey ends? Who is going to read my scribbles?

Third, what are the three keys to journal? Well, let me tell you what I pick up from Tony: What did you learn? What did you improve? What did you enjoy? I think my journals allow me a quick peek into each and every day and review these questions. I find that “what did you learn?” is the single most important question I can ask of myself and my athletes. If you have worked with me, you have heard it.

So, I will keep this bizarre daily habit. I drive good friends crazy with my long lists and attempts at back filling events (like my famous attempt to list what we did at Discus Camp every year).

So, I had two protein shakes, some Crystal Lite with Leucine, some chicken tamales and perhaps more than a bucket of coffee or two. What did I learn? I think I can improve on this, but I did enjoy the tamales.

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