Straining and Training and Whatever

The hard part of prepping for so many things at once is prepping for so many things at once. I have a lifting meet and the RKC and life all whirling around here. So, what do you do?

Well, from what I can see, honestly, just doing something somewhat akin to what your goal is seems to be miles better than what most people do. You want to lose fat? Stop talking about how hard it is, put the bagel down, and do one thing to help you with your goals. Planning a goal is shockingly simple, in fact, the amount of calories you have to cut in the bathtub model of humanity (I don’t agree with it: it is calories in excess of calories out makes you fat), means to lose one pound of fat this year you need to drop 3500 calories FOR THE YEAR. That isn’t much today. Or you can walk maybe twenty more feet a day. It doesn’t matter, the idea is to do something.

I get email after email about starting a program and it is always hypothetical. When I get one from someone in the trenches, someone really training, the questions are elegant and simple. The hypothetical ones are always trying to hone in on perfection without effort. It is like what Earl Nightingale said about the fireplace: “Give me heat.” First, you see, you have to add the wood, prep the kindling, light a match, open the vents and…then, it gives you heat.

So, forget abstraction and do something. Then, adjust. Then, strive for perfection. That’s the correct order of things.

Do. Then email me.

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