An odd thing

My Godchild, Amanda Long Clark, teaches with me at JDCHS. It’s nice and I visit to bug her class whenever I can. Today, I looked the presidents and noted something: there have been 44 presidents. I have lived through 11 of them. I’m 1/4 of this “thing.”

I notice 52 sometimes. Today, we had an intersquad track meet and the icy wind was brutal all afternoon. My joints took a hit, to say the least. But, I feel good. Master RKC Brett Jones sent me a bunch of stuff about getting my hips back and it is humbling stuff. It’s my version of the Program Minimum Minimum: at least 100 snatches or VO2 max every day, a get up or get up stretch, a goblet squat, a press and then serious work on the “issues.”

Just doing the stuff helps. Just doing the stuff is a workout. I think people miss this all the time, they try to bang bang bang away and miss the stuff that is going to help long term. Hey, I know I did/do. I probably will forget all of this again when I get better. I do that kind of thing. It’s funny how I keep learning the same lessons.

I was named a Senior RKC today. To be honest, I think I have a ways to go before I am qualified. I have skills and I think I know my stuff, but kbells expose me to the world unlike anything I have ever tried. An honor…and I will celebrate.

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