I can’t believe the progress in my hip

Before I begin my usual hyperbole, I should note it has been over a month since I reinjured it, but, honestly, after my humiliation in San Jose, I think I finally “get it.” Mike Boyle has a wonderful book (available at davedraper.com) that I practically read every day. This morning, I got my copy out and laughed at his insight about distance runners: Injury-Rehab-Train-Injury-Rehab-Train.”

I got myself so convinced of my immortality that I forgot the performance pyramid: first, movement, then ramp up the power. I’m sure that skills or techniques go on top, but when you ignore the base, really, what is point? So, my intern and full time mom, Mike Brown, has been working overtime making sure that I do “what I say I will do.”

So, each day, I do my Get Up style twists, my half kneeling presses, my various stretches, my rolling (usually twice a day), take my fish oil, hot tub for half an hour, sit in the Goblet Squat (yes, without pain) and do the things I say I will do.

And, it works. I feel miles better. I am living close to barefoot which seems to help me. I am really eating clean which seems to help as much.

I’m even back to doing one legged deadlifts which may go down as the least appreciated move in history. In other words, I am doing what I should have done two plus years ago.

And now, for our cultural heritage!

I thought this was a great point…the song is amazing, too.Ed Ames on Exercise and the importance of Following

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