It finally made sense to Tiff

So, a couple of months ago, Tiff and I were sitting at the bar here at the Piper Down, our favorite place in SLC. This short guy comes in and starts talking about being a “Navy Seal” and just came back from the Middle East “teaching the locals how to fight.”

Overhearing this, Tiff leans in and says: “Listen to this guy.” The more I listened, the more I wanted to kick his ass. In fact, I may have noted it out loud.

As many of you know, I am on the road a lot teaching people how to stay fit and sane in all kinds of situations. One of the keys, and there are terms for this for the top end guys, is that you shut up.

For the record, I’m sick of it. I get so tired of guys introducing themselves as “this or that” bad ass thing and then trying to sell some BS on top of it. I had a nice talk with a guy the other night with the Congressional Medal of Honor and he was still fired up because we don’t recognize the spouses enough. That’s the kind of guy I want to buy a beer for, not some guy full of crap at a SLC bar.

I guess it made more sense to Tiffini, too. We were in this situation where we had a nice meal for those of us who help out anyway we can. At the function, Gary Sinise, our own “Lieutenant Dan” from Forrest Gump came over to introduce himself to Tiff and Me and, to be honest, I was star struck as much as anybody. He was as kind and as generous and as modest as one can imagine.

He is also a much better actor than that jerk at the bar in SLC.

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