My favorite “quick” workout…

I’m in the whirlwind, so workouts have to be fast. I like this little workout, and you can do variations of this all you want: pick a weight and get to 100 reps as fast as you can. Don’t do 100 singles, just do 100 reps. I did it today with the Double KBell Press with 24s (53 pounds). First set was 14, then you start counting right there…at 14 on your next set. I’m good for mid-teens all the way up. Rest period is enough time to pick a dandelion, do some Goblet Squat stretches and hang out.

In just a few minutes, you will close in on the 100 reps. Clean up and go. The heart and lungs take a hit here as the rest periods are not much. Moreover, if you had to pick “one,” Double KB Military Press is a pretty good choice.

On my nonlifting days, I am really working hard on the hip flexors and basic mobility. You can go far with simply lifting three days a week and doing everything else three days a week and watching the Kentucky Derby another day.

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