Okay, there are things about California I don’t like. Every driver here thinks they are racing for some prize. I asked a girl at the supermarket about finding cloves (the herb) and she had never heard of them. Alas. Youth. (Of course, the youth of today should be referenced as “All Ass.” Let’s cut back on the sodas and videos kids.)

In Millbrae, they have signs on posts, every post by the way, stating it is illegal to have signs on posts. You can’t have open liquor at the tennis courts and the compost near the high school is ONLY for Millbrae residents. Literally, nobody is going to steal our crap!

Yet, all is forgiven. I went to Mills High School today to throw. Next to the discus throwing ring, there is net. A throwing net. Bang, you throw and it goes no where. Technical paradise.I took 50 plus throws in about twenty minutes and sweated enough to change the environment in the area. So, I threw.

I’m trying to finish up the next book for Laree and, to be honest, I need someone to throw a blanket on me and tell to stop having new ideas. Really. I can write another book another time. I must finish. I wrote 15 pages of stuff today and I have yet to finish the stuff I was working on before.

Perhaps, I need a net.

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