The Giants…It must be me!

I went to a game with Jon and Dan yesterday. Yes, Dan, Jon and Dan John went to a game. I haven’t been to a San Francisco Giant’s game since I took my dad in Junior College for Father’s Day. Mom was still alive, I lived in SSF and my old school friend, John Caravantes had the idea of taking our dads to a game. The Giants won in the bottom of the Ninth when the First Baseman homered with two on (and two outs) to wind 3-2. It couldn’t go any better, really.

So, last night, the Giants blew a huge lead, went into extra innings, and won on a solid hit to Centerfield. Again, it was pretty darn perfect. Sitting in the club seats (?), having a few beers and watching a ball game is not a bad way to spend a day or evening.

It’s odd to think about that game with my dad. My dad died in 1991 and John Caravantes died around the same time. The evening, though, sits in my head like one of those perfect days. I have had a few of them. My last home track meet at Utah State where I qualified for Nationals and then had this huge party after in Bullen Hall. I think about several times with the girls (my daughters) where I wish I could just stop time. There was a Valentine’s Date with Tiffini back in the day that was just perfect, too.

I got an email from Lindsay and she is getting set for college and my Godson, Seth, is having some issues but he is very excited about zipping back to the University of Indiana. These are golden moments in their life and I hope they embrace them.

It’s not always the last hit at the last bat, but enjoy it when it does happen.

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