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For a program that really makes things simple, try the Program Minimum from Pavel:

The New RKC Program Minimum Summary
• Twice a week alternate sets of swings with easy jogging for recovery for 12 minutes
• Do your swings to a comfortable stop. Once you are well conditioned you may go all-out occasionally
• “Shake out” the lactic acid and tension from your muscles when jogging. Relax! The purpose of jogging is active recovery, not more conditioning.
• Twice a week, do get-up singles, switching arms after each rep, for 5 minutes.
• Focus on perfect technique, not on reps. Don’t count you get-up reps, and don’t try to top them!
• Arrange the weekly plan any way you want, e.g., Mon., Thurs.-Swings; Tues., Fri.-get-ups or Mon., Thurs.-get-ups; Tues., Sat.-swings. If you want to add an extra swing or get-up day, go ahead-make your day.
• Start each workout with 10 minutes of face-the-wall squats, halos, and pumps.
• Unless you are an experienced strength athlete, do no other lifting.

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