Off to Philly

We had a great day at Coyote Point yesterday. Dan’s Egg Salad sandwiches included an onion which I continued to enjoy for a few hours. We had a lot of new people and I hope we can keep doing this for a long time.

It is interesting to think that we started this back in June and it just gets better. By the way, if I seem like I am having a hard time being focused, I am waiting for my flight and the lady next to me thinks that she needs to use the cel phone like a megaphone. I am coming up with a few truisms about life, including a new one concerning the family trees of BMW drivers in California.

On the “New Book” front: Pavel and I will be meeting tonight and, ideally, we can see the finish line. I have “finished” the “Bulking Book” and so here we go on that one, too. After spending some quality time with Josh Hillis in Denver last week, I am more convinced than ever that fat loss is all about two things: a food journal and some kind of training. From there, it is just details. For fat loss, everything works and can be proved to work and will work. You can lose your mind and really make this complex and measure every celery stalk, or, just sit down weekly with a food journal and make long term better choices.

Bulking is “simple,” too, and I think my new work (based on like forty-three years of observation) has some time tested truths. One great insight from the past few years is that most people need more guidance dialing in the weights on high rep squats. It is interesting that I find it is like a “U” curve with most people either going far too light or way too heavy. Honestly, “around” bodyweight for fifty reps is a pretty solid set of squats. Trust me.

Off I go. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends at the gathering and I hope the best for all of you this fine week.

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