Yes, I am behind on my Blog

Some people have asked for some specific things. For example, my “Bird Dog” Series and how I use the TRX to do traction on my hip. So, I went down to visit Laree and Dave Draper to take photos for my new “Mass Made Simple” book and we took the photos. As soon as we can organize them and put them up, then all your dreams will come true.

Laree gave me some nice presents. I am using her “Joint Connection” drink and she told me I would know in four days whether or not it is working. I am thinking “or the next morning.” I feel great in my hip. So, now, of course, I need to do something stupid to ruin it! Also, I picked up more of the Fish Oil with Vitamin D. This is something I can’t praise enough…I really think this combo does wonders. Laree also gave me a little device to open up the mid back and now may place looks like either a very odd toy collection or the remnants of a Muppet Show. But, if it works.

Tug a War

My visit with Dave

She also gave me a journal that they put together a few years ago. Since I feel better, I am training smart again. Laree noted how out of breath I was in Long Beach, but, in my defense, walking in total pain is exhausting! Since I have made so much progress with Jimmy Yuen, CK FMS, and Laree, I don’t hurt when I move…and that makes life better! (Yes, quote me)

So, off I go. I had an interesting question from an email to day about “how I feel about bodybuilding.” Maybe I don’t make this clear enough, but every single day past maybe 28 or so, you should be fighting the good fight with a focus on bodybuilding (hypertrophy) and joint mobility. So, yes, “I feel strongly.”

More soon.

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