Josh Hillis and “System Six”

I’m not sure how you get it and the product isn’t finished yet, but Josh HIllis knocked it out of the park with his new six part system on fat loss. I spent time with Josh in November (I think) and I came away with lots of insights about fat loss. Josh has discovered that its own best clients (those who got their body fat down to “rockstar” levels and, more important, kept it there) didn’t necessarily work harder…

And, you should think about that. What held body fat down (and superb athletic performance up, by the way) isn’t smashing your face against the wall. Yes, there is hard work, but more important is “smart work.” Josh discovered that his best people had a basic level of strength. As I tell everyone, after I heard Brett Jones say it, absolute strength is the glass. Everything else is what you can put in the glass. If you have a thimble of strength, you can’t make a single bad nutritional choice to stay ahead of fat gain. If you have a barrel of strength, you can make a few more mistakes!

Josh’s new program is unique…no question about that. He uses two simple tools to measure that you are staying on track and one of them is simply some strength tests (and so is the other, really). He also advocates a food journal, of course, as this is Josh’s signature in this community: Have a food journal! But, as I discovered with my personal trainer, Buddy Walker, you need someone to help you hold yourself accountable to it. It’s a game changer for me, by the way.

There is more. I was honored to be credited by Josh for one of his ideas and I think the idea works seamlessly with his other five. If fat loss can be made simpler, well, I want to see it. It is an amazingly simple toolkit and it is not filled with gimmicks. It is real. It is simple. It is true.

Josh has three pdfs with the program and the workouts are very good. I took his advice and eased off a bit on some things and, well, I am following his advice here. The workouts are very good and the videos are funny and informative.

I like Josh. I have always liked him. His influence on me might not be noticed by many, but simply count the number of times I reference him in a typical workshop (a lot!).

System Six is a game changer. It is very good and I am going to be stealing these ideas for a long time.

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