Clayton HKC

A lovely bunch!
I love the HKC cert. Every time, it gets bigger and better. In addition to the manual, I answer these and a lot more (including patterning and grinds):
Packing the Shoulders:
By considering both how/where the lat is connected to the arm and how it operates on the shoulder joint has helped me understand why “firing the lats” supports excellent form in the swing, as doing so:
• holds the arm into the shoulder joint socket (packs it in) and thus protects the shoulder during the momentum up of the swing
• acts to brake the upper motion of the swing for optimal moment of the down stroke
• supports that big in front of the body DOWN pull on the arms during that hip hinge down stroke of the swing

Planks ( Get Up Planks, Hip High Planks, PuPP)
Swings (Doubles, Bulgarian Goat Belly Swings, HATs, Spike Swings)
Goblet Squats (Curls, Heartbeats, Hip Flexor Stretch)

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