Insights from Hawaii

This cross country epic I have been on for a few months is taking its toll. I think there are lessons to be learned from my adventures. First, it’s all about people. The late great Jack Schraeder, who made me a writer and I think I was his last pupil, used to tell me “Dan, people like to read about people.” It’s true for traveling, too.

With Pavel and the gang in Virginia Beach, I can barely remember the fact that we went nearly 24/7, but I can remember the steaks and the laughs. (And the chess games). At Steve and Jason’s place, it was a family reunion with Ben and Katherine and Lonnie Wade. I know I worked about 16 plus hours in two days, but the memories are golden.

Here in Hawaii, I did a smart thing. On my first day here, Tiffini asked me “well, what are you going to do?” Well, I wanted to snorkel and I picked up a brochure, and mad e a good decision. On the phone was Makani Christensen, a Naval Academy grad, former Marine and all around great guy. His company is Keawe Adventures and, because of his experience, I saw two sharks, a sea turtle and a billion tropical fish. I also enjoyed some coconut milk and real Hawaiian food and hospitality. I can’t recommend him enough. He taught Tiff to snorkel, something a husband is not allowed to do by law.

So, the next day, I find myself going to the lifting home, the local YMCA, of my hero, Tommy Kono, with Chris Falkner. Chris saw that I was going to Hawaii on Facebook and took the step and invited me to train. I think I helped him and Anthony with the O lifts, but I really enjoyed getting my Bench Press, Front Squat and Pull Up workout, so Buddy Walker, my personal trainer, won’t have to smote me when I return. Chris took me to a local place and I ate Moco Loco and I will let you know when I am hungry again.

Second, it’s about packing. Yes, I said packing. I went on a 16 day extended trip with one bag. If I have my Mac, my phone and my Kindle, I have most bases covered. I usually travel with just flip flops, but I found these light water shoes that can hold my hand washable undies. No socks, of course, they eat space. I always take black polo shirts and matching khaki pants. I “wear” the same thing every day. Everybody has laundry machines and I can work while the machines do their work. I cut my supplements to simply ZMA, Fish Oil and Alpha Male on the road, but I also toss in some packs of Laree’s Joint Connection stuff, too. I toss in my food journal and a pen and it works as my business planner and business card and memory jotter, too. Keep the carry on as small as you can and be merciless about “NOT” bringing stuff. I bring a baggies of floss sticks and toothpaste and a toothbrush and some underarm stuff and that’s it. Hotel shampoos are better than what I usually use.

I can train anywhere with anything, so I don’t worry about any “stuff” to bring. Snorkeling with Makani is a work out, too, and I count that. Of course, so is walking up to three or four hours a day!

My trips are usually “off the beaten path” even at tourist spots. It’s not me, it’s the people I meet.

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