Road Warrior

The upside of my career choice is that I get a chance to train. The downside is that my training can be up to twelve hours a day, in all kinds of weather and all over the place. I’m at the end of a ten day road trip and the combo of flights, hotels and long days starts taking its toll.

I only travel with one bag. So, when I get ready to go, I pull out a bunch of baggies and put my nightly supplements in them. One for each night. I reuse the baggies over and over again. In them, I put ZMA, Z-12, Fish Oil, Gary’s Supplements (ALCAR and ALA), and anything else I am trying. I stick a stack of Laree’s joint medicine packs in the side carries, too. This does several things: one, I just swallow a pack of pills every night and, more important, as the stack goes down, I am closer to going home.

It helps to bring a baggie of orange flavored sugar free metamucil, too…I’m just saying. The Kindle is the best friend of the literate traveler and it keeps the size of everything else down, too. I also toss in a bag of floss sticks as they are more important than you think…if you don’t have one!

And, everything I just said applies to home, too.

More later!

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