Martha Peterson’s New DVD

I am a pretty banged up guy. I have had surgeries for nearly every joint in my body and enough pulls, strains and cramps to last a lifetime. I’m also not afraid to try new things. Let me tell you from the heart: you HAVE to do something to bring you “back to center.” After learning the CK FMS system from Cook and Jones and having had some great hands on care from the best, including Laree Draper, I know the value in taking the time to rethink and reapply the basics of mobility.

In the past few months, I have been following Martha Peterson over here. I have attempted many of her movements from what she calls “Somatics” and found some relief in simply following along. Finally, she has come out with a DVD that walks you through the moves and I can’t recommend it enough. What I thought was the “dishrag” and what I quickly learned was the dishrag have almost nothing in common, but it is the simplest “wake up” call form my body I have ever experienced.

Martha’s site is a great place to learn the basics, but, if you are like me, seeing something for a short video or just a picture misses the nuances that makes a movement work. It is like what we did as kids and taught ourselves the O lifts and the discus in my case. I stuck my tongue out at the back of the ring when I started for years because of a picture I saw in Track and Field News. It didn’t help by the way. Martha’s DVDs are very simple, very basic. There isn’t a lot of groovy music and words flying in and out. It is short and to the point and well worth you discovering it.

Again, I can’t recommend it enough. You can use this as a daily tonic to realign and revisit your body. I certainly have the time to do anything I want, but I am beginning to move towards Martha’s simple approach. I don’t have the background to explain why it works, but Martha does and explains it very well. I would like to have a “Hips Only” version, but, honestly, the whole program will make you feel better. Again, I highly recommend it!

Find it here.

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