Pretty Good Day

My daughter, Kelly, got a teaching job…not bad considering she graduated high school in 2008 and she begins her career three years later. I have another exciting bit of news, but I have to swallow it whole for a little while. Also, today Laree Draper (the world’s best at everything) got “Never Let Go” up on Kindle. I am very happy, to say the least.

Enjoy it by clicking here.

One other thing: I got this email from a classmate of Kelly. I never thought I made a difference at Juan Diego, but I am beginning to thing different:

Dear Coach John,

It has been years since I have seen you, but I wanted to take the time to tell you how much of an impact your coaching in high school has had on me. Not only did it improve my swimming while at Juan Diego, but your training has had benefits well beyond high school sports. Since graduating in 2008 with Kelly, I have attended Weber State University for 2 years and then made a huge move across the country last May. I chose to move back to my hometown in upstate New York. I now live, work, and attend school in Massena, NY. For the last year since I moved home I have been waiting tables at a local restaurant and working hard to land a job that will be a better vehicle to my future goals.

I completed a Health Care Clerical Certification course in January and have since been sending out my, now well padded, resume to jobs all over the North Country. I had several promising interviews, but only one landed me a position. Much to my satisfaction, the job is in the Health Care field, but is a more active opportunity rather than a clerical desk job. The interview was for a full time position on the reservation with St. Regis Mohawk Health Services.

During my interview they asked for my background in fitness. I explained that I was a varsity swimmer spending over 20 hours per week training, both in the water and in the weight room. I gave some details on how John Moran coached and mentioned that when you became my weights coach how things changed in the school and for me personally. I also was proud to say that I had trained under you for a few years and that your streamlined weight room was featured in a men’s health magazine. I was so shocked when the fitness specialist sitting in on the interview interrupted to tell the team that he knew of you, explained your national reputation in the fitness community, and then began asking multiple questions about your training techniques and work outs. It was very obvious he was excited, so I continued in more detail about kettle bells, Olympic lifts, sleds, drum lines, and your assessments with the caps and pvc pipes, (I demonstrated the assessment in dress pants and high heels). My interview, which was supposed to only take up a 15 minute block, lasted almost 45 minutes!

I just accepted the full-time position. My title is Health Promotion Specialist. I am under a grant funded department called the Let’s Get Healthy Program. It was created to educate and help fight and prevent Diabetes and Heart Disease.

The program provides information on these two health issues through a well staffed team, (that i am now a part of), that puts out information in a tailored format for all ages, youth through seniors, provide work out space and classes for free, and other community activities involving proper nutrition, exercise, testing, and accurate information. I am so happy to tell you that my work out area includes power sleds and Russian Kettle bells! The LGHP team includes 2 RN’s, a dietitian, a physician, and a fitness specialist. My position is replacing someone who has been with the program for 7 years, so I definitely have some shoes to fill. I will be able to create my own schedule to maintain 40 hours, I have my own office space, will be able to work closely with the community, and continue building my resume as I receive more certifications through this new role. Starting out I will be certified to plan and teach group fitness classes, and will be given the opportunity to also get a personal training certification. I may also choose to be licensed in fitness styles such as Zumba and Yoga.

I am very excited for this new opportunity. The program is something I can be very proud to have a part in and it is a forum that welcomes change and improvement. I already have some ideas that I plan to bring to the table and hope to implement in the program. I feel that if not for your training, I would not have been the strongest applicant for this position. I would like to thank you for all the time and expertise you brought to the JDCHS athletic community and for the benefits I received while training in your weight room.

Rachael Leigh Ward Murphy

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