Tim Anderson’s VERY smart review of the 40 Day Workout

I read some real idiots discussing “why this won’t work.” Of course, like Mike Boyle tells me, they are probably 14 year old boys training “hardcore” in Wisconsin or whatever. Tim did something different…he tried it!
Tim’s Blog

Tim was my partner at CK FMS and he is an upcoming guy in this field…pay attention to him!

A great book to supplement “this idea,” beside my other books, is Return of the Kettlebell. It will give you some other ideas about this “kind” of planning. Enjoy.

  • bud

    hi there. i’m gonna run this 40 day program very soon and I am just wondering – do you mean only ten reps per exercise after a simple general warm up, or do you mean ten reps of “work sets” after warm up sets of the exercise? so say my squat max 275lbs, and I normally work up to, or close to that, from 135lbs or less in about 7 sets, how should I proceed?
    many thanks, great blog Dan, love reading all your articles, training and “life” related!

  • MarkFu

    Hey, hey, hey! Eazzzy on the “Wisconsin smack!, although in the spring we can go 40 days without seeing the sun!

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