Lifetime Warrior Workout

I had a nice compliment paid to me by a family member this weekend. I was training in the hotel gym and my sister-in-law’s boyfriend noticed me doing Pull Ups. He later told her, then the whole family, how impressive it was to watch me to Pull Ups.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that that is my worst movement and, if he ever got the chance, when I really lift or throw…stand back. But, it raised some good questions and I told him I would work out something simple for “most” people. I came up with a simple two-page overview of the “basics.”

The “muscles of youth” seem to make you taller. A tight butt, those external obliques, the deep abs, the deltoids, rhomboids, and triceps give off the appearance of youth. There is a great “Sex and the City,” the show not those dreadful movies, where we see the issue of “saggy butt.” So, do your presses, your one arm presses, your hills sprints, your swings and get younger.

At the same time, stretch out those muscles that are stiff. Doing bench and curls all the time leads to “the old man look.” Keep vigorous by stretching these daily.

LIfetime Warrior Workouts

It’s a very simple sheet, but it contains, in the simplest of ways, the gems of fighting age with weights and stretching.

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