The Warrior Spirit and The Divine Spark

As many of you know from my recent Facebook post, I lost several friends in the recent copter accident in the Middle East. I have been working as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) for at least eight years with certain military groups and, sadly, one particular group was hit hard this past weekend.

A few weeks ago, Laree Draper sent a “Care” package of On Target Publishing materials to the guys and I got a nice email back regarding how they were going to be following my advice on the Get Up and some training ideas. Sadly, the author and the others were all killed.

As many know, I am a strength coach but that is just a little part of me. I believe in the need for reflection, meditation and fasting as part of instilling the Warrior Spirit in myself and the people I work with in the field. I got this interesting email, as part of a series, where one of my friends wrote:

“I agree with you that many misunderstand the need for reflection in the warrior spirit. I would go further, based upon my experience over the past ten years, and say that many, many have forgotten the need for reflection in the warrior spirit. Musashi Miyamoto, Japan’s “Sword Saint” and the undefeated victor of over 60 duels to the death, said that the warrior should practice painting and poetry as well as the sword. His work, “The Book of Five Rings” is the deepest and yet most succinct treatise on the warrior spirit I have ever read. The warrior monks of the medieval orders such as the Knights Templar prayed and fasted regularly. But that tradition has been forgotten Reading, prayer, and meditation have been replaced with video games, alcohol (not that that wasn’t a part of things back in the day!) and surfing the internet.”

There are gems in this paragraph and I will keep these concepts close to my heart. He followed up by saying:

“The evidence for this I find in the gradual evolution of religions from pagan and sacrificial to enlightened and protective of human life and the human spirit; and of societies from barbaric to civilized, from monarchial or tyrannical to democratic. I see this as evidence of an ever-deepening realization of the inherent, sacred value of the individual, a value that finds its root in the divine spark that each one of us carries within us.”

Obviously, I have little more to add…

May they rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon them.

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