My Orlando Workshop is Coming Up!

First, I really like Sean. He has a great idea that I “missed” somehow in life. He has a list of the Ten Best Meals. It is his effort to focus on the great meals of his life. I don’t want to say too much about his list, but the idea transformed me.

Think about it: what are the ten best meals of your life? Who was there? Why did it make the list? I found this little exercise to be illuminating! Now, I used to have my students write out a Top Ten List of books, movies and poems, but this idea really excited me. By the way, if you are a book lover and your date has never read ten books…well, I am not judging but, you know…

I love the process of cutting and slashing top ten lists. If I put “Brigadoon” in there, do I pull out Casablanca or Star Wars? Great question. Also, don’t cheat and go to twenty. Don’t.

So, Sean was with me for a few days and we had a Top Ten Meal and a wonderful workout with the Coyote Point Kettlebell Club. I am honored to be invited back. So, this and me and Sean “encouraging” you from my living room to come to the event:

If you are interested, you can register here:
Meet me in Orlando.

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