Training Females…the Forgotten 51%!

I got a nice resource from a “fan,” James Marshall, who told me I could distribute his PDF. I like it a lot, look it over and let me know what you think:

The big house

This also reminded me that Lindsay sent me a video of her new PR throw in training…if it opens for you, great. If not, well, I enjoyed it!
Lindsay’s Throw

And, to repeat, I will cut and paste some of my favorite workouts for “normal” female training…and it is great for guys, too:

*Be sure to walk EVERY day somehow and somewhere.
*Do the hip stretch and chest and bicep stretch daily.
*Especially after waking, flying, driving, breathing: drink a lot of extra water.
*Lift three days a week, at least. Either do the Three Day a Week Symmetrical Workout (below) or Swings and Pushups or the Program Minimum Minimum. Or, mix and match them any way you like!!!
Symmetrical Workouts
Day One
With Dumbbell in one hand ONLY (Let’s say Left Hand)
Waiter Walk (Short walk around with weight overhead like a waiter)
Suitcase Carry (Short walk around with weight like a suitcase)
Suitcase Deadlifts (Hinge Movement from Swing Article)
One hand Presses Overhead
One hand Bench Presses (Keep other hand “free”)
Side Bends

Day Two
Do Day One’s workout with the other hand!

Reps and sets depend on weight available (and energy available). Get it going and feel good.

Day Three
Combine Push Ups and Swings (or any variation)
Push Ups 5
Swings 20
Push Ups 4
Swings 20
Push Ups 3
Swings 20
Push Ups 2
Swings 20
Push Ups 1
Swings 20
Repeat or adjust as appropriate.

Program Minimum Minimum (From Dan Martin)
Goblet Squats (10-25)
Swings 50-150
Push Ups 25-50 (or Presses)
Some kind of Loaded Carry
Change the reps each and every day, but do the movements. Coming back the next day is more important than any single training day.

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