There are some things more important…

This weekend, at Net Profit Explosion, I found out that Sean Greeley had “required” everyone to read my free book on my site ( “From Dad to Grad.” I wrote it for my daughter Kelly’s Eighth Grade Graduation. For Lindsay, I hand wrote a huge journal-like book that answered and addressed dozens of questions. Between the two works, I like to think I am leaving a legacy of my heart and mind.

That’s the key, really. Certainly, joint mobility work and hypertrophy/explosive work on the glutes, delts, triceps, rhomboids, obliques and abs is going to keep me “legacying” a bit longer (really, just improving the quality, not the quantity, I think…), but I have to agree with what my prof taught me about what Pythagorus (A squared plus B squared guy) taught about “immortality:”
Plant a tree
Write a book
Build a house
Have a child

It’s what the Ale-Wife told Gilgamesh on his way to meet with Uta-Napishtim, too, so I am not the first to say this either.

One of my favorite sites on the net, Zen Simplicity, had a post today that sings this same song. It’s worth your time to read this.

Every so often on the net, I read someone say that I sold out because of this reason or that reason. I guess that could be true, but I hope that my body of work, both as a fitness guy and a human being (“human doing?”), reflects my core mission: Make a Difference.

Let’s continue to meet and dialogue and leave this tiny blue-green orb a better place than when we got here.

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