Coast to Coast and Toasted

I travel a lot. A lot. It’s hard to face the blog writing when you travel coast to coast, fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night wide awake!

But, thankfully, I don’t always have to do much! I have three links today that do all the work for me. First, a nice blog post about one of my biggest principles of program design:
Anthony is an up and coming Strength Coach and he “gets it!”

Next, are you too poor to buy my stuff? Too lazy to walk over to the DVD? Well, Kevin Larrabee’s “epic” video of me teaching the squat and lifts is remastered and back up! I am in the middle of Highland Games season in this video and my belly has been all packed with counter weights for the caber:
Learn, watch, enjoy.

Finally, Laree Draper, the world’s finest person, has put Mass Made Simple on Kindle WITH a pdf for your journal work. If you don’t want to bulk up, buy it anyway because the information in the Kindle is as clear as I can make it presentation about fitness, strength and health. Buy THIS!.

Take the time to watch and read these materials. I think you will come away with a lot of depth about what is important in improving all aspects of your life. If you have questions, hit me up at My Little Q and A.

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