Not exactly an Interview, but a nice email

Hello Dan, I just wanted to thank you so much, for contributing your skills and lifting advise for building mass in MensHealth magazine a few months ago. I always read Menshealth, follow advise ‘sometimes’, but had not really found a plan that I could embrace with my genetics and lifestyle, until I saw your article. It changed me totally. I programed it into my iphone so I can follow it when I’m in the gym.

I started your building mass plan (which is so simple, back to basics but works!!!) almost 2 months ago after recovering from a lower back injury (from work). Since starting this plan and following your advice, I have dropped fatty weight and gained 10 pounds of solid muscle.

It may be slower going for me, I’m 38 years old, work too much and have 3 small kids, so my gains might not be as rapid, but I’m still seeing and feeling the gains, both in the mirror and in the weight room. Since the end of January, you can always find me in the gym every Mon, Weds and Fri night following this plan religiously. I’m thick and stocky, 6′ 1″ 250lbs of German genetics. Not Fat, but solid. Now I’m lifting safer, more weight and making gains each week. I feel better, sleep better and look better!

I’m trying to eat as much as possible too, as you suggested. Once I have reached my goal of 260lbs (only 10lbs more to go), I will switch up my plan, and add more fat burning routines to shed more of the fat for summer time. Like you said though, gaining mass and having the waist of a girl do not mix! haha

I recently discovered your website and bookmarked it. I felt I should contact you to let you know how a real world father and husband with daily life responsibilities appreciated your article and values your advice! I will keep in touch, let you know how my progress goes and may even pick your brain once in a while (if that’s ok?).

Thank you once again and best regards from Ontario Canada!!!

P.S. I’m also a sports photographer and have photographed some great track and field stars here in Canada, fell free to check out my photos on my website here:

I think you’ll like them.



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