Mixing the deLorme/Watkins materials with Correctives

So, it is like this, let’s say X is warming up and I notice that “out of nowhere,” he is stiff in the Thoracic Mobility stuff, say Opposite Bird Dogs. This happens with athletes and office workers. So the deLorme workout is this:

A: that 50% weight, for me, like a 16 K Kettlebell
B: that 75%ish weight, for me, I use the 20
C: that “100%,” but for normal workouts, it is just the 28

One arm Press
A x 2-3-5
B x 2-3
Neck Rolls
C x 2-3-5

TRX work
Inverted Rows x 10
Six Point Zeniths Right
T Rows x 5
Six Point Zeniths Left
Y Rows x 10

A x 30
Windmill against Wall Right
B x 15
Windmills against Wall Left
C x 30

Front Squats
Double A x 10
Hip Flexor Rainbows Right
Double B x 5
Hip Flexor Rainbows Left
Double C x 10 (Tough!!!!!!!)

Then, retest the Bird Dogs. You might call them the FMS Rotary Stability stuff, but you know the drill

Do NOT ask how to do the correctives, they are standard stuff with just names stuck on them. If you see me at a clinic, I will show you…and you will shrug and go “oooooo…that’s it?”

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