Intervention Helper; Chapters 13 to 20

Chapters 13 to 20 are some of my favorite topics. I’m sorry I don’t have a lot more links, but many of the points can be found in the earlier posts. I am very pleased with how this book is being received and I am already fleshing out the “how to” book that will follow. In typical fashion, I won’t have ALL the “how to” information, because, honestly, there is no way a writer can predict every piece of equipment and teaching point will be able to adapted to every situation. “Dan, I don’t have weights…how do I do heavy squats?” Seriously, you answer my emails for a week and see if you can go Bourbon free…

On “adults and falling,” the numbers, 1.6 million falls a year, are staggering. See this for the basics here.
Phil Maffetone’s Book, noted here, gives you the death toll of 28, 000. I love the book.

Tim Anderson. Remember the name and that you heard of him through me. When he is famous, I will claim discovering him. Tim Anderson

Steve Ilg. I have been a fan of his for prolly twelve years now. His website is here and you can find his excellent book on amazon here.

For MORE information on the Get Up that anyone and their descendants will ever need, see Mark, Brett and Gray’s book:

If you can’t explain Ludwig Wittgenstein, you should consider passing over this part in silence. To get that awful joke, go here.

For a brief introduction into the One Lift a Day read this…Best Lifter 1980

For more on it, search the archives here at

I will add the Big 21 Template. Play around with just the first row. As you can see, over nine workouts, the load gets stupid heavy.
The Best Big 21 Matrix

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