Intervention Helper, Chapter 22

Obviously, Chapter 22 is pivotal. In my next book, I will simplify the Five Principles to Three as the more I work on this the “cleaner” just combining these into three seems to be for the average person. Honestly, “Master your Movements” might be the whole thing, but I like to talk too much.

My secrets, as I have noted in the book, are like “buy low, sell high.” You probably already know much of what I think is secret, but the courage to apply secrets as a coach, trainer, parent, teacher and whatever is the true mental sword. I saw Rick Bojak in church the other day, he was the coach who told me the key to great football is for the Coach not to get bored watching the same thing over and over.

My throwers do the same drills over and over and it is my job to provide some mental edge to the drills. It is not unusual for us to aim for garbage cans, marks on the wall, towels and my chest to break up the boredom. But, this is where we get great.

I was happy to see Ben Greenfield note the basic point that getting stronger gets you leaner at his recent Superhuman Event. See more here.

“-Fat Loss: Standing workstation WITHOUT crappy form, get strong to stay lean (Men should be able to squat body weight, deadlift 1.5x body weight, do 8 pull-ups, Farmer’s Walk 50 feet with 1/2 bodyweight in each hand; women very similar, but 3 pull-ups – author “Dan John” is a good source for some of this stuff).”

Ben is also adding twice weekly running workouts. With asymmetric training, sprinting could easily be too much, but he adds in some interesting recovery work.

All the great Atkins sites have seem to have died an internet death, but this site gives you the first two weeks. Sorry about the advertisin.:

The best book I can find on Janda’s work is here. It might be pricey but quality costs.

The 100 Pound Club women used the site “Moocow” to store information. This was my favorite page, a wonderful compilation of what they believed worked:

1. Drink my water before I indulge in other liquids (other than morning decaf coffee). Before I indulge in my Canfields Soda…drink my water. Add vanilla flavoring if I have to to get it down, but drink it! Drink 8 full glasses and then add one glass for every 25 pounds I want to lose.
2. Get my fats in. Try to get one tablespoon of flaxseed oil in for every 100 pounds of body weight.
3. Eat meat when I feel the urge to binge. Processed meat does not behave as well in the body as other meat.
5. If you hit a plateau…..lose the treats.
6. To lose weight more efficiently, try to cut the treats…they are not meant for beginners.
7. There are possibilities that cheese can cause a plateau. You may have to cut cheese.
8. “Strong Women Live Longer” is recommended for exercise and breathing by a lot of the ladies.
9. Most of the ladies prefer weight work outs to aerobic for their body toning.
10. You build muscle on this plan…so your weight per size ratio may be higher than you planned…A lot of the ladies said they were a heavier size ‘X” and felt better than the size “X” weight they used to be at.
11. It is okay to change plans. A lot of ladies told me that if Atkins plateaued a long time, I may want to switch to PP or to Neanderthin. And most of them had started with the Atkins. Different plans work better for different people. The plans seemed to be evenly distributed.
12. A lot of people recommended “The Firm” tapes for exercise.
13. Vitamins and minerals were critical to people. Every person talking to me about vitamins said they took a multi-vitamin daily. Many one or more of the following: colloidal minerals, C0-Enzyme Q10, E, C, A, B complex, zinc, flaxseed oil, ECA stack, potassium, ripped fuel, creatine, chromium picolate, evening primrose, ginko bilonka, L-Carnitine, psyllium husks, magnesium, and garlic. It seems that each person has a supplement plan that works for them.
14. Muscle cramps may mean you need potassium.
15. A lot of people wake up with dry mouth.
16. On the ketostix: It is just like being pregnant..either you are or you aren’t. Pink or purple…you are still losing fat. Most write that they measure one time a day when it registers. Some times of the day it will not. Many said after supper was a good time to measure for them.
17. If it says “0 carbs”, it does not necessarily mean it. It may have trace carbs. Coffee and Sweet and Low and creams have trace carbs.
18. There are foods that are “trigger foods” that may cause carb cravings.
19. Some people said Artificial Sweeteners caused them to plateau and crave sweets. Some said L-Carnitine curbed the craving for sweets.
20. Do not be afraid to eat more fat. Eat cream cheese, butter, deviled eggs and other high fats if you are hungry.
21. Peanuts are goobers. May be a trigger for some.
22. Count your carbs. Use Dietwatch to count everything that goes in your mouth. Carbs do count. Every one.
23. Some people are yeast intolerant: They may need acidophilus and psyllium to remove the yeast from intestines.
24. Medications can slow down the loss. But keep on keeping on.
25. Add variety to the eating plan. The recipes people send, you need to keep in a file on your system. Or go to the archives. These recipes are a God-send and help keep the interest. Lynn’s Chocolate is essential if you feel like going on a sugar binge.
26. Keep low-carb snacks handy at all times….so you will not be afraid to cheat.
27. Red meat and egg yolks contain Arachidonic Acid which some people are sensitive to. Soak meat in red wine and wipe off before cooking if you are. Eat more fish and white meats if you are.
28. You may need to cut your cream intake.
29. The type of carb you intake counts. Stick with the ones on your lists.
30. If you get a fruit attack….you may have a cup of strawberries or berries….Just make sure you count the carbs.
31. If you don’t know the answer, ask someone here. They are your best support group!
32. When in doubt….do without.

1. Eat meat.
2. Drink water.
3. Fat is your friend.
4. Eat more meat.
5. Drink more water.
6. Friends don’t make friends eat carbs.
7. A steak is a terrible thing to waste.
8. When in doubt, FLING IT.
9. When you crave carbs, eat MUCH MORE meat.
10. Drink more water.

All the AtKIDs sites seem to have disappeared over time…too bad. The early internet was so much more fun when people would link, connect, and share everything. The internet…this may shock you…has gotten big.

“Fit or Fat” is a book that probably did a lot of good, but the suggestions against lifting spiked my hair back in the day. His suggestions are low carb, dry food and aerobics which may or may not have been successful for many people.

For more on Dick Notmeyer, see the glossary here in the archives.
You can only imagine how fun it was to be there.

Mike Boyle is a good friend and is a genius in this field. I like his book available here at On Target, but you need to really see him present some time.

In this little message from Archbishop Niederauer, he mentions my favorite quote from St. Francis of Assisi.

I should have said Epictetus was Greek during the Roman Period, but for more than you probably need to know about him is herehere.

If you want to read George Leonard’s book, Mastery, go here.

Arthur deVany’s blog has been blowing up lately with some great ideas about training and the science of life. One never knows if it will be there next week…Art has let his site come and go a few times.

character01 - peterpanScreen Shot 2013-03-11 at 11.20.35 AM

Some of my favorite group shots of all time are the “Peter Pan Pose.” It makes me feel good just to look at it. For Pavel’s book, go here, but I have been asking him for years for a “one stop” book of nothing but “Do This.” I would love like the best eight mobility moves, the two best flexibility moves and a minimal lifting program from him.

Finally, I keep mentioning Raquel Welch. And, I am right to do that.

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