Our “Plan” for the next month.

I love planning good training. Occasionally, I actually follow it, too! Since the inception of the Coyote Point Kettlebell Club and, later, the Crosspointe KB Club, we have continued this grand tradition of an intentional communal training session.

In other words, come on by. That’s the basic idea: we get together, work on things, find issues, address weaknesses and attempt to make a quality training group. So, this is our plan for the next four weeks.

Monthy training program



Workout “Codes”

A: Easy Strength

B: “Cardio” Days
Lungs and Guns

C: Tonic Workouts

D1: Tabata TRX Squats
D2: Five Bells (Heavy)
10 on the first, 15 on the second…two loops is 125. Count that…four times.

E. Mobility Days
The philosophy is based on three concepts:

1. Movements, not muscle
The Fundamental Human Movements

2. “If it is important, do it every day, if it isn’t, don’t do it at all.” This is a quote attributed to wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Gable

3. Repetitions…lots of repetitions.

A. Easy Strength Workouts:
Loading for the Program
A = Light(50%) / B = Medium(75%) / C = Heavy(100%)
For this program, the weight is based on what you can do for ten repetitions, not for a single lift. So, it will be a load that you can do “sometimes” for eight reps and sometimes for twelve, depending on things. Never miss a lift.

“Absolute strength is the glass. Everything else is the liquid inside the glass. The bigger the glass, the more of everything else you can do.” Brett Jones.
Getting stronger is the foundation of all fitness goals. Stretching during rest periods keeps the intensity up (including heart rate). Strive to increase “C” over time.
This is just an example.
Press L/R
1. Ax10-Bx5-Cx10
2. Windmill Stick
3. Flying Bird Dogs
1. Hip Thrusts x 20
2. Front Squat 10-5-10
3. Swings x 15
1. T x 10-5-15 (Or variations: Y-T-I)
2. Stoney Stretch
3. Three Point/Bird Dog/Single Side Bird Dog
1. 30-15-30 (A-B-C style)
2. TRX Biceps Curl x 15
3. Trap Bar DL
Suitcase Walks

B. Cardio

Lungs and Guns (Originally, “Buns and Guns”)
25 Pelvic Tilts
10 Goblet Squats
25 Swings
Farmer Walk with Trap Bar
Mini-Band Lateral Walk (Out and Back, face one direction)
Farmer Walk with Farmer Walk Bars
Backward Sled Pull
Repeat Twice

TRX Triceps X x 15
TRX Biceps Curl x 15
French Press x 15
Barbell Curl x 15
Repeat three times (or four times)


Fifteen Swings followed by one of the twenty moves. Followed by:
Thirty-five Swings followed by one of the twenty moves. (Best to follow the order, but in groups, stagger where you start.)

1. Windmill Stick Right
2. Windmill Stick Left
3. Stoney Stretch Right
4. Stoney Stretch Left
5. French Press
6. Curl
7. TRX Triceps X
8. TRX Biceps Curl
9. Press
10. Front Squat
11. Trap Bar DL
12. Farmer Carry
13. Mini-Band Walk Right
14. Mini-Band Walk Left
15. Push Up
16. Hip Rip Right
17. Hip Rip Left
18. Goblet Squat
19. Thick Bar Pull Up
20. Ring Pull Ups
C Tonic Workouts
Program C – Tonic Recharge Workout

Yes, this is an easy day, but always focus on the long term goal and the journey.

Push – One Arm Press
• A x 10
o Hip Flexor Right Knee Down
o Hip Flexor Left Knee Down
Pull – One Arm Row
• A x 10
o Rainbow Right Knee Down
o Rainbow Left Knee Down
Hinge – Swings
• A x 30
o Bird Dogs right Knee Down
o Bird Dogs Left Knee Down
Squat – Goblet Squat
• A x 10
o Six Point Zenith Right Hand Sweeps Up
o Six Point Zenith Left Hand Sweeps Up
Plank – Push Up Plank
• 1:00
Various Carries (depends on weather and numbers)

D1 Tabata:

Do half of the 15/35…only ten movements (keep the 15/35)
“[Six to eight very hard 20 second intervals with 10 second rest periods] may be one of the best possible training protocols….”
Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., National Institute of Health & Nutrition, Tokyo, Japan

Tabata Squats:
Front squats
Goblet Squats
TRX Squats
Just Pick One…don’t get cute.

D2 500 Swings
Pick five heavy bells. We have 48, 36, 32 and two 28s.
Put them in an order. Do ten swings, slide over and do 15 swings, once you do each of the five bells twice, you have one loop finished.
Do four more!
Program E-the Mobility Workout
Hold each position for thirty seconds.
• Under thirty years of age: go through the movements for two circuits (do every movement once, finish the list, repeat)
• From Thirty to Fifty: go through the movements for three circuits.
• Over fifty: At least three circuits, strive to do four or five.
Alternate Each with a TRX Stretch:
Six Point Rocks
TRX Long Stretch Right
Six Point Neck Nods
TRX Long Stretch Left
Hip Flexor Right Knee Down
TRX T x 8
Hip Flexor Left Knee Down
TRX Y x 8
Rainbow Right Knee Down
TRX I x 8
Rainbow Left Knee Down
TRX Rows x 8
Bird Dog Right Knee Down
TRX Deep Squat Stretch
Bird Dog Left Knee Down
TRX Cossack Squat
Six Point Rainbow Right Hand Sweeps Up
Stoney Stretch Right
Six Point Rainbow Left Hand Sweeps Up
Stoney Stretch Left
Windmill Stick Right
Windmill Stick Left

What…no swings?
The complexes are done with barbells. Finish all the reps, THEN move on to the next movement. These go down the list here.

Please don’t ask questions about what does this exercise “name” mean…it doesn’t matter. The key is that we are still trying to root together mobility, flexibility, strength and cardio into a seamless training program.


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