Two Great New Products

First, from my good friend (and Denison U guy), Mark Watts:

ALL revenue (every cent) from these manuals will be donated to Make A Wish, OH, IN and KY and will only be available to purchase until Dec 31, 2013. After that you will not be able to purchase until this time next year.

Here is a direct link to the NEW 2013 Manuals

I have a workout in there based on just Ten Movements. I don’t care if you follow it exactly, but I really enjoy the reasoning behind it: can you “get ‘er done” with just ten things? Mobility, cardio, strength, flexibility and hypertrophy with just ten movements. Well, sure…but…

So, it was a great challenge to think through. The four week program is as good as I can do for the bulk of people.

The next suggestion wins the title for “oddest” name of a book…lately. Roland and I have known each other for at least a decade…right Roland?…and I enjoy his work. And, yes, the title of the book is…

Extra bonus: you get a shirtless picture of me!!!

I think for the value, you can’t go wrong with any of these two suggestions. Marc and Mike always remind me after our training sessions of the value of reading everything that comes along and Mark’s compilation is going to give you tons of information about dozens of ways to implement strength training and Roland is going to do what he does best: cutting to the chase when it comes to good training advice.

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