Notes for University of Michigan

University of Michigan Strength Clinic
Training the High School Athlete in LARGE Groups

Principle One:

You MUST do the Fundamental Human Movements…ideally daily!
Loaded Carry
The Sixth Movement (Groundwork basically)
Audits, Gaps and Standards

Principle Two:
You MUST train the group as a group.
Everyone has to move at once!
The Warmup is the Workout, Drumlines, and “ONE voice.”

Principle Three:
You MUST have one voice in the weightroom.
And, it will never happen.

  • Who are you? (Literally, who are you as a coach? Who are you as a program…a school?)
  • What can you coach?
  • What do you have? (Equipment, support)
  • Other issues…counselors who think Exchange students should take Varsity Weights. Sports that start with “B.” Machines, junk, and clutter.

  • Warm up

    • Waiter Walks/Suitcase Walks/Heartbeat Walk
    • Light Goblet Squats / Hip Flexor Stretch “Make Space”
    • Plank (Superman and One Leg Variations)
    • Windmill Movements (Get Up Series)
    • Bootstrapper Squats “Spread the Load”
    • Pushup Position Planks (Superman and One Leg Variations)
    • Bootstrapper Squats “Pry Loose”
    • Horizontal Shrugs “Relax into Stretch”
    • Maxercist Rows “Strength is a Skill”
    • Parked One Arm Rows
    • Alligator Push Ups Tic-tock-tic-tock…
    • RDL Stretch/Timed Pushups/ RDL Stretch/Timed Pushup
    • Heartbeat Squats
    • Half Turkish Get ups using the elbow as a lever
    • Dead Bugs: Resurrected Dead Bugs, Floor Wipers, and Deadbugs with a Heart Beat..16 each

    Big Five 55
    Front squat
    Chicken thieves (Farmer Walks OVER Hurdles with light Kbells)
    Pull Ups
    All lifts are except thieves are done in 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    Tap out at 23 minutes or so

    8 Sets of 5 on the minute

    Front squat
    Power Snatch/Clean/Curl

    In groups of two perform a set of five then partner does a set of five. Add weight as soon as the second partner is finished. Rest period is however much time between.

    This is a great workout because:
    -Teaches the kids about proper loading
    -Rest periods decrease and the workload increases
    -Fairly high volume allows athletes to practice the lifts
    -Short rests help the athletes to focus


    Front squat
    Bench Press
    Hurdles Walkovers
    Power Snatch/Clean/Curl
    Pull ups
    Slam Balls (Take Dynamax Ball overhead to ground HARD!)
    Increase the weight on every set.
    -Good PR setting workout
    -Teaches the athletes to get comfortable with heavier weights
    -Relatively short

    3-2-1 3-2-1 3-2-1 3-2-1
    Front Squat
    Bench Press
    Farmers Walk
    Slam Ball
    Add Weight at every cluster
    -Great PR workout
    -Greases the groove –Shuts the mind down and allows the athlete to just lift heavier weights

    The Three Amigos

    1-2-3 x 5 Add weight
    Front Squats
    Bench Press
    Power curl
    Slam Ball
    -This workout is similar to the one above except it is likely that you can use close to max weights for sets of three and not feel too much fatigue. Great neurological workout.

    2-3-5 x 4

    Front Squat
    Bench Press
    Power Snatch/Clean/Curl
    Slam Ball
    -Lots of quality volume.
    -Each “set” has 10 total reps. You can handle much greater weight than if you just did sets of ten.
    -Add a set of ten after five for serious volume. However, this will come at the expense of intensity.

    2-3-5-10 x4
    Front Squat
    Bench Press
    Carry (Either a Slosh Pipe or Sandbag or something)
    Slam Ball
    -Serious volume. It would be hard to find a better way to get this much quality volume in a single workout session.
    -Not too draining on the nervous system like 10 sets of 10.

    5-8-10 x4

    Front Squats
    Bench Press
    Hurdle walkover
    Slam Ball
    -Tons of volume
    -Easier on the CNS than say 10 sets of 10
    -Focus on reps
    -Good build up to higher intensity

    Goals for boys:

    Big Blue Club
    Power Clean 205
    Deadlift 315
    Back Squat 255
    Front Squat 205
    Standing Press 115
    One Arm Bench 32kg5 Right/5 left
    Power Clean & Jerk 165

    Goals for Girls
    Big Silver Club

    Power Clean 95
    Deadlift 205
    Back Squat 135
    Front Squat 95
    Standing Press 70
    One Arm Bench 12kg10 Right/10 left
    Power Clean & Jerk 75

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