Assessments: The Most Important Thing is Doing Them

Today at the gym was Assessment Day. There is this wonderful yin-yang between Goal Setting and Assessment: it is great to have goals but how do you know you are on your way? So, today, we did the 1-2-3-4 Assessment.

It’s fun to do assessments in a group setting. Today, we did some of our normal training stuff (I’m doing 300 Swings a day for a while just to undo six weeks of training on the road. Well, “training” is a reach, you do what you can.)

My 1-2-3-4 assessment is still being worked on and you can learn about it at my workshops now. I’m not holding anything back, I’m just waiting for more feedback before I explain it in detail. Basically, we have a couple of clearance tests and then three big tests:

  • The height and waist measurements: Your waist should be half your height. More…you are Body Comp Client.
  • If you need more than one pillow to sleep at night, you are a mobility client.
  • If you can’t hold a Plank for two minutes, you are a strength client.
  • Obviously, many of us will be in multiple categories (and I have a little system for explaining this), but I can say this: it’s great to have a lot of goals, but if you can’t take care of your “big issue” working on little things aren’t going to help as much.

    So, we did the Plank test. I found it easy. Strength training since 1965 has it’s benefits. On the Standing Long Jump, we all cleared our height easily (you should be able to jump as far as you are tall…at least), but having a Total Hip Replacement really cuts into hang time. But, I will strive to improve this. I was never very good, I got destroyed at the United States Olympic Training Center by the other discus throwers, but I don’t want to see this “get worse.”

    The Farmer Walk for distance with Bodyweight is very interesting: the grip really ripped us all up. The bars are “newer” and just pull the skin off. Brian could have gone all day, but I got 100 yards. We are thinking 100 yards is the standard. Maybe.

    We also dis the Brazilian Get Up test. I got an eight and the young punks all got like nines. Jerks.

    Those are the “Fours” of the 1-2-3-4 Test. Doing 300 Swings and these four tests allow you to nap well in the afternoon. I will attempt to make all of the other assessments clearer and clearer as we go along.

    So the key is this: if you believe in this stuff, assessments, be sure you do them.

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