An update and some odds and ends

I have been really focusing on three things:
Editing the last bits and pieces of “Can You Go?,” my book on assessing Active Athletes and Everybody Else.
Next, I am putting all the material for my new workshop, The Art of Coaching, together and, frankly, I am amazed that “I know this stuff.” When one reverse engineers a question like “why do you do that?,” it seems that the amount of information about something so simple today (as in “today’s workout plan”) might have thirty years of mistakes, failures, insights and championships.
Finally, I have been really cleaning up my Youtube channel: find it here.

Also, if you are on Facebook, be sure to like and visit my page, Dan John Strength Coach. It has a lot of the upcoming schedule, plus this and that.

Finally, I have no idea what to do with two of my favorite pieces ever, so I will just load them up. Kettle Bells and Throwers. This is from a presentation about a decade ago. The next one is using two week blocks and the barbell.Lifting_Programs_for_Throwers.

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