Can You Go?

Training people in sport as a coach or in fitness as a personal trainer is certainly rewarding work. But there’s a problem: What do we do next? There are countless books on diet and exercise, hundreds of machines, devices and gimmicks to train people, and new gadgets and gizmos are popping up with every passing day.

Can You Go? answers this question: What do we need to do next?

Appropriate assessment leads to an appropriate answer. When we find a mobility issue, let’s focus on mobility work. The same is true for both body composition and strength—we focus on what we need to do, not what we want to do.

For the performance athlete, sometimes assessment can be the short, brutal and harsh question, “Can you go?” Lessons from this frankness can be learned by both the coach and the trainer. The deconditioned and the elite share the same basic human body. Our job is to enhance performance and quality of life with every training situation.

Can You Go?

Can You Go
Assessments and Program Design for the Active Athlete and Everybody Else

Assessments are a powerful tool that not only help coaches and trainers identify what their clients need, but also help clients realize it for themselves.

Assessments allow you to SHOW, not just tell, your clients what they lack, what they should be working on and that the things they’ve been doing in the past haven’t been working.

Assessments help get buy-in of YOU as the coach and trainer.

And when that happens, your clients will start to trust and listen to what YOU tell them, and start ignoring all the confusing fitness ideas floating around the periphery.

Can You Go?
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